staff augmentation

Do you have any plans to incorporate new technology in your company? These projects are not always straightforward. Even large corporations may require support from an experienced IT specialist to deal with some tasks that cannot be performed by full-time employees. What are they able to do? Usually they outsource IT-related services. In industries where unusual skills are in high demand and staff growth is a common outsourcing method.

There is great demand for skilled employees in IT. A lot of companies discover that teams made up of full-time IT professionals require assistance from experts within a specific area. For example one who is proficient in implementing a particular technology in a particular industry. Staff Augmentation can be the best option for your company. This method involves outsourcing talent, allowing you to rent experts from a professional software house for short-term tasks. ParallelStaff is the best. ParallelStaff is the best staff augmentation companies that provides customers with lots of help.

Services for staff augmentation

Let's say you're planning the next IT project, like, implementing modern technology or developing an application to run your business. If you don't have your own IT department You will likely outsource development services. This means you'll have to be responsible for the results of a software house's work which you negotiated prior to launching the project. This type of outsourcing is known as managed services. Staff Augmentation is completely different thing, and it may be right for you if:

you already have your own IT staff

You need support by a seasoned programmer one-time issues.

Your full-time developer who is responsible for important tasks is not in the office (on sick leave or something similar).

Staff Augmentation refers to the addition of particular talents to your IT staff as required. One or more experts can be employed for a specific duration. They'll work with your permanent employees. Their presence can enhance the overall knowledge of the team.

Where do you look for trustworthy experts? They are available in software houses. This type of service allows your team to speed up the project and cut costs. It is often essential in many instances. Experts with rare expertise or a wealth of experience is crucial for specific projects. If you do not have an expert within your team, it is absolutely necessary to make an investment in the staffing of your team. You can add a expert to your team via the software house at any stage of the project. is the best site to search for staff augmentation company developers.

What are the different types of staff augmentation?

Software houses categorize the types of staff augmentation based on the date they hired the developer, as well as the kind of skill or experience needed. A programmer may be "rented" for:

for a short period of time. This is the most suitable option when you need to temporarily replace a worker that is in the midst of a sick or vacation leave, or who has vital abilities for the job currently being performed;

Project-based - typically longer than the event that your full-time expert is absent. The programmers are assigned to the specific project or the part. This is the best kind of Staff Augmentation to your company if you know that you will not require specific skills in the near future, but you do require them today. Staff Augmentation is less expensive than running a costly and complex recruiting process to find a competent developer.

A project could require three kinds of skills. Identify your needs and select one of the following types to augment your staff:


The programmers who are part of your team is not required to possess any specific or distinctive capabilities.

Skill based

A specialist is needed to accomplish specific tasks that require expertise specific to a specific field of IT. The expert should be able to recognize and address the most pressing issues that may arise during the project.

Highly skilled

Sometimes, the most skilled people are required to complete the most difficult projects. If you are in need of an experienced developer and an in-depth understanding of a particular field of IT and industry, this is the type of staff augmentation seek.

A reputable software company will be happy to help you pick the right experts for your specific project. We'll analyze your requirements and evaluate the capabilities of your team and recommend the right experts for your particular project.