Five Tips For Creating A Self Development Plan

self improvement tips

Why is it that performance and development plan actions are completed just weeks or even days prior to the time for review? According to our experience, some individuals (the manager included) start to consider their future development when they arrive at the meeting. There isn't time to think or prepare about the coming year.

You'll often find yourself with an easy strategy to tackle every weakness in the event that you let it be your manager. However, if you think about it before the meeting, you can bring up things proactively in the days or weeks prior to the meeting or, at worst you'll be able to address them during the meeting itself.

The result of doing this is that you end up with a PDP that focuses on what you would like to create instead of just a list of problems your boss would like you to solve. Read this tips to self improvement and grow as a person.

These are just a few self improvement tips

Concentrate on what you're skilled at. Instead of trying to fix your weaknesses, concentrate on your strengths.

Check to see if you're in a position to make improvements to your areas of weakness. Objectively consider the length of time you've tried to improve in each of your weak areas and whether it has got any better. Sometimes, it's more beneficial to be able to accept it and figure out how to handle it than try to fix it. Is there someone you could exchange work with or a system you could use to help you?

Be specific

This is one of the most significant personal development tips. While we all know that goals shouldn't be overly complicated however, the "S" must be specific in terms of development. Many development plans don't work because they're too general. Instead of saying you should "develop your communication abilities", instead focus on the specific challenge. For example, perhaps you need more clarity in your grammar or to enhance your body language.

Avoid making your plan all on a single course

The training courses can be extremely beneficial to get lots of knowledge really quickly as they enable you to get the brain of an expert. If you're already skilled in a specific area it is likely that the course will not give you any new knowledge. It's worth considering whether it is worthwhile to spend the time and money of your boss to take those extras.

Think about how you like to discover

Your learning style will guide your development plan. Do you enjoy speaking with people? If so set up a meeting with someone you could learn from. Are you a fan of researching or reading? Try listening to an iTunes university lecture. Do you like being thrown in at the deep end to face an issue? What can you do to transform the knowledge you gain into the development actions within your plan?